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While working as a payroll clerk in state government back in 2006 (and with a little encouragement from friends & co-workers) G.B. decided to take up writing so as to make better use of his free time. In 2007, in a crisis of conscience, G.B. dove head long into the shallow water of chat rooms, so as to get the basic skills needed in order to write like he knew what he was talking about.

By the spring of 2008 (with a little encouragement from friends), G.B. packed his quill and parchment and moved over to the blog world, where he promptly created his first mainstream blog called Cedar's Mountain. In late 2013, he created a new and improved mainstream blog entitled Father Nature's Corner, and promptly turned his first one into a living archive.

Sadly, this new blog lasted until early 2017 and this too has been turned into an archival blog. He can now be found on his new Blogger blog,
I Have Stories! a stream-of-conscience blog with his writing adventures as the theme that ties all the posts together.

In the past 12 years, blogging has been extremely good to G.B., as he honed his writing skills to the point where he has had a modicum of success with his writing: two published short stories, two self-pubbed novellas, six self-published e-books (including two short story anthologies), his commercial debut novel, and a reissue of his commercial debut

When he's not creating written mayhem in the cyber world and real world, G.B. spends his free time screwing up people's paychecks and playing head games with the family.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Betrayed (Adult Light Erotic Fiction)

Synopsis: Theirs was a doomed relationship that even a marriage couldn't fix.

Ray was the antithesis of a hairdresser. Handsome, muscular and a natural flirt, he was the solution to every woman's fantasies. All he wanted, though, was to be loved by the mecurial woman of his dreams.

Gwendolyn was a passionate young woman with a temper that ran as dark as her complexion. Desirable to both sexes, she was determined to find love, no matter what the consequences.

Who would be the first to betray their marital vows? Ray, who although was enlightened about the world around him, still had those old fashioned values that made him a hot commodity. Gwendolyn, vivacious and passionate, had the looks and the body that could destroy anyone that got in the way of her ultimate goal.

To be unconditionally loved. Can that particular end really justify the means?

Now out, my latest publishing adventure entitled, "Betrayed!"

For the first time ever, you can read someone's entire experience about self-publishing. Catch the teasers on this blog and the full story on my main blog Cedar's Mountain for the entire hilarious adventure about the newest story from the pen of G. B. Miller (aka Georgie B and G).

You'll laugh as our intrepid hero navigates the twisted psychedelic maze that is called self publishing. You'll be amazed and amused as you ask yourself, 'Can this writer actually pull this off? Does he have what it takes to be self published? Most importantly, can he learn from his past mistakes?'

The answer to all of these questions, is "Yes he can!"

The jumping off point on this journey of passion, love, and betrayal starts right here, right now.

Our intrepid hero, having spent the better part of two weeks trying to remember what he had to do next, finally remembered what he had to do next. To find out what happened next, please check out part 2 of G's Adventures? Now!
After an eventful and stressful month of June in which our hero's computer crashed and burned, was able to move on and get done the next step that he desperately wanted to do. Check out part 3 of G's Adventures? Now! to find out what he got accomplished.
July was less stressful as our intrepid hero got both his galley and cover to inspect and approve (or disapprove). Come check out a few interesting tidbits about self-publishing and catch a peek at the first version of the book cover, at part 4 of G's Adventures? Now!
The conclusion of our intrepid hero's adventure can be found here .
As you can see by the picture above, our intrepid hero's book is now available for purchase. You can purchase it here from this blog for $7.50 plus 6.35% CT sales tax. Click on this link for details.
Update (5/30/10): Check out this review that compares Betrayed! to a cross of Pulp Fiction with The War of the Roses

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