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While working as a payroll clerk in state government back in 2006 (and with a little encouragement from friends & co-workers) G.B. decided to take up writing so as to make better use of his free time. In 2007, in a crisis of conscience, G.B. dove head long into the shallow water of chat rooms, so as to get the basic skills needed in order to write like he knew what he was talking about.

By the spring of 2008 (with a little encouragement from friends), G.B. packed his quill and parchment and moved over to the blog world, where he promptly created his first mainstream blog called Cedar's Mountain. In late 2013, he created a new and improved mainstream blog entitled Father Nature's Corner, and promptly turned his first one into a living archive.

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In the past 12 years, blogging has been extremely good to G.B., as he honed his writing skills to the point where he has had a modicum of success with his writing: two published short stories, two self-pubbed novellas, six self-published e-books (including two short story anthologies), his commercial debut novel, and a reissue of his commercial debut

When he's not creating written mayhem in the cyber world and real world, G.B. spends his free time screwing up people's paychecks and playing head games with the family.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

The Inner Sibling (E-Book)

In June of 2014, I received the rights to Line 21 back from Solstice Publishing and I decided right there and then to take advantage of the 2nd chance to make a better 1st impression. I held a contest for a new title and I got the company that did my previous cover to do the new cover (both e-book and print). I also decided that even though I was going to dip my feet into the pool that is self publishing, I was going to have a professional format it for e-book release .

The e-book version of The Inner Sibling is now available at Smashwords in all the major formats and at Amazon. If the cover piques your curiosity, then please check out either the five page prologue, the short version of the synopsis, the the book trailer for the original version, or for a longer preview, click on the book link. Also, please take some time to peruse the various reviews that were originally posted to Amazon for Line 21 (aka The Inner Sibling).

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  1. You did an awesome job on the title and book cover!!! I know how much work goes into formatting and putting a book out there, so you have my respect!

  2. Stephanie: Thanks.

    It's a rare thing to get a second chance to make a better first impression, so I took complete advantage of it.


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