The Bio of G. B. Miller

While working as a payroll clerk in state government back in 2006 (and with a little encouragement from friends & co-workers) G.B. decided to take up writing so as to make better use of his free time. In 2007, in a crisis of conscience, G.B. dove head long into the shallow water of chat rooms, so as to get the basic skills needed in order to write like he knew what he was talking about.

By the spring of 2008 (with a little encouragement from friends), G.B. packed his quill and parchment and moved over to the blog world, where he promptly created his first mainstream blog called Cedar's Mountain. In late 2013, he created a new and improved mainstream blog entitled Father Nature's Corner, and promptly turned his first one into a living archive.

Sadly, this new blog lasted until early 2017 and this too has been turned into an archival blog. He can now be found on his new Tumblr blog, I Are Writer!, a stream-of-conscience blog with his writing adventures as the theme that ties all the posts together.

In the past 12 years, blogging has been extremely good to G.B., as he honed his writing skills to the point where he has had a modicum of success with his writing: two published short stories, two self-pubbed novellas, six self-published e-books (including two short story anthologies), his commercial debut novel, and a reissue of his commercial debut

When he's not creating written mayhem in the cyber world and real world, G.B. spends his free time screwing up people's paychecks and playing head games with the family.

If you want to get a different take on what he writes, please check out his short story trilogy.

Reviews for "Line 21"

My debut novel "Line 21" will shortly be out-of-print by the end of the summer. However, my plan is to eventually re-release it in both print and e-book by the end of the year. In the meantime I do have a limited number of print copies available. Please click on this link for details on how to purchase a limited edition signed copy.

Before it goes out of print, I was able to transfer all 8 reviews for "Line 21" to this page for you to peruse at your leisure. I sincerely hope you find them helpful in your decision process.

1} 4 stars on November 12, 2012
Carl Brush "Carl R Brush" (Oakland, CA USA) - See all my reviews   
This review is from: Line 21 (Kindle Edition)
Young hottie Jeanine is in trouble. She owes a loan shark a bundle, and the clock is ticking on the vig. So when she gets a shot at adult movie stardom, she goes for it despite a swarm of misgivings. To complicate matters, her new line of work jars loose some internal dynamics, and her symbiont--the internal twin she's spent years learning to coexist with--decides she wants a bigger piece of the psychic pie.
Line 21 is a work of "erotic fantasy," and there's certainly a lot of XXX. However, the fantasy aspect--the battle for dominance between the two women inhabiting the same body--deserves equal billing. As well, the last few chapters contain some poignant romance and a bit of a detective novel slant. If you're looking for unadulterated pornography, this is not your book. If you want something intensely erotic with an actual plot, believable characters, and a genuine emotion or two, Line 21 is for you.
2} 5 stars Jeannie Uncovered, November 9, 2012
Charles Gramlich (Metairie,, LA United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Line 21 (Kindle Edition)
Jeannie needs help and Ken Epee from Line 21 Productions steps in to offer it. Money, excitement, he promises it all. But in return Jeannie needs to do some things she's never done before. She needs to learn how to use her body and her sensuality, and how to bring her mirror symbiont, Aissa, around to her way of thinking. None of these things come easily, though Jeannie discoveres hidden depths to her personality. Her tough mindedness and her free spirit guide her every step of the way as Jeannie discovers fully "what lies beneath" her own rough exterior. Graphic language and sex make this suitable for adult audiences. I enjoyed it.
3} 4 stars on February 16, 2013
This review is from: Line 21 (Paperback)
I liked this book....alittle out if my box but would recommend it. Very interesting book but I would like main character story to continue.
4} 5 stars Whatever it takes, February 14, 2013
This review is from: Line 21 (Paperback)
GB Miller takes you into a world that will hold your interest, and he lets the reader see many sides of why people chose lifesyles that at times are a must. Beautifully written. An eye opener to those who know nothing on what it takes to survive when your back is against the wall.
5} 5 stars Original and unique read, February 12, 2013
jeanne bannon (Bolton, Ontario Canada) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Line 21 (Kindle Edition)     
Line 21 is a combination of genres, while not fully erotica, it most certainly can be called that. But there's more to this story than just sex. G.B. Miller does something I've never seen, something unique, he blends erotica with fantasy and a hint of the paranormal. This is a clever, original read. Something off the beaten path that deserves attention.

Recommended for adults only.
6} 5 stars Sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, and sex (yes, all in one book!), November 16, 2012
This review is from: Line 21 (Kindle Edition)
I am envious of the way G.B. Miller can write about sex, although that's not all that Line 21 is about. Hard to categorize, I've tried to sum it up in the title of this review, as there's literally something for everyone - some sci-fi, some fantasy, some mystery and yes, sex - something for everyone adult, that is.

Miller's characters are well-drawn, and even though they do the most impossible things, they are convincing enough that you find yourself rooting for and against them.

This is a well-written, quick read, and even though fantasy is usually not my genre, I had a hard time (no pun intended) putting it down.
7} 5 stars Hard to put down!, November 1, 2012
This review is from: Line 21 (Kindle Edition)     
LINE 21 By: G.B. Miller

Jeannie Mitchell has a very big problem. She owes two grand to a loan shark, and the note is past due. Unemployed and with no job prospects on the horizon, she accepts an offer from a man she meets in a park. Soon, she's involved in the world of adult entertainment, but she's determined to keep her morals intact.

G.B. Miller spins a story of a young woman with few choices and fewer options to repay a loan. She's not the type to jump headlong into anything, but accountant jobs are few and far between. Miller keeps the reader on the edge of their seat as Jeannie reluctantly agrees to work as an adult entertainer. Instead of having her dive headlong into this endeavor, we see her regretting her decision, but then going along with it while also vowing to keep herself free of the problems associated with this type of work. During this time, she gets to know one of her neighbors, a young man who appears shy and retiring. She feels affection for him, but is reluctant to tell him what she does.

The seediness of this world seems to fade from sight as Miller takes the reader on a journey of a young woman faced with seemingly impossible odds. She learns the hard truth about one person she trusts, and makes a life decision that may or may not mean she loses everything she holds dear. I found this book both entertaining and one that tugs at the heartstrings.
8} 5 stars One Steamy Story, August 26, 2013
This review is from: Line 21 (Kindle Edition)     
Sweet, young Jeannie is in trouble, and she needs it fast. Lucky for her she is a beautiful girl with a body to match. Line 21 Productions just could be her out! All she has to do is perform in adult x-rated movies.

Though steamy sex is peppered throughout the story, there is also paranormal and romance in this story. The ending was a surprise for me that I didn't see coming.

I enjoyed this book. Mr.Miller can write a great sex scene and also have your heart breaking in the next chapter.

Nice job, Mr. Miller

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